Do you ever feel like the words, THANK YOU, just aren’t enough? Your mind keeps searching for the exact word, or words, that will express the gratitude, the joy, and the overwhelming feeling you have in your heart and soul….yet, you feel like, thank you, isn’t even enough? That is what I am feeling!!!! Until a new word is created…on behalf of the Board of Directors and myself…. THANK YOU!!!!!!!!! Thank you for believing in what we are trying to do!!! With your support, it won’t be long before Gracious Grounds opens the doors on its second property, allowing people with unique abilities to live their lives to their fullest potential as our neighbors throughout the Lakeshore, the State and across the country! Blessings to all of you!

The following table sponsors helped to underwrite our third annual fundraiser and make everything possible!

1. Friends of Katie
2. Grand Pines Assisted Living Center and Village at the Pines
3. Eye Care One
4. Friends of Shelby Chittenden
5. Brent Davis Family and Friends
6. The VanSkiver Family
7. North Ottawa Community Hospital
8. STAR Crane and Hoist
9. SHAPE Corporation
10. Dave Ruwe Homes Team
11. Supporters of Brandon Bucek
12. Grace Granted, LLC
13. Leppinks
14. Big E and Friends
15. In Loving Memory of Andrew J. Segelstrom
16. Katie’s Crew
17. Shoreline Vision
18. Westwind Construction
19. Friends of Becca
20. Zach’s Family
21. Orchard Market
22. Friends of Gracious Grounds
23. Harborfront Hospital for Animals
24. Spring Lake Heritage Festival
25. Spring Lake Heritage Festival